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TLC Archives

Since 2007, Bellarmine’s Faculty Development Center staff has partnered with colleagues in over 30 colleges and universities each summer to share resources and ideas about teaching and learning. As a result of this annual teaching and learning collaboration (TLC), the Faculty Development staff send out a weekly “TLC message”.  These short, weekly messages contain a teaching tip, interesting activity, or helpful classroom strategy.   The most recent TLCs are listed below. 

2014-2015 TLCs

  1. Design Motivating Courses
  2. Effective Assignments
  3. Improve Student Learning
  4. Lecturing 15 to 90
  5. Building Relationships
  6. Quality of Sources
  7. Problem Classroom Behaviors
  8. Effective Learning Techniques
  9. Snapshot Assessment
  10. Effective Feedback
  11. Word Clouds for Sensitive Topics

2013-2014 TLCs
  1. Meeting a Class for the First Time
  2. Similar and Different
  3. Activities to Make Lectures Interactive
  4. Beyond Bloom: Expanding our ideas about learning objectives
  5. Energized Learning
  6. Active Listening: Small group activity
  7. Found Metaphors: A strategy of applied creative thinking
  8. Why Students Don’t Read: Strategies to increase student preparation for class
  9. Five Keys to Helping Students Read Difficult Tests
  10. Protect your voice during lectures
  11. “What a Tangled Web We Weave” or Not?
  12. Did You Just Tell Us To Take Out Our Cell Phones?
  13. The WritersDiet Test: Using online diagnostics to develop student editing skills 
  14. Multiple-Choice Tests: When do you throw out a question? 
  15. 5 Tips to Help Structure Courses to Engage Students
  16. Concept Mapping
  17. Daily Quotes
  18. The Power of Tests to Teach
  19. The ‘Gallery Walk’ as a Means to Making Metacognition Transparent
  20. Identify Bottlenecks to Student Learning to Develop Improved Learning Strategies
  21. Peer and Self Evaluation of Participation in Discussion
  22. Rubrics:Our best friends
  23. Teaching with New Media
  24. How Students Can Learn From Their Mistakes
  25. Techniques to Help Students Thiink About Their Learning
  26. Dealing with Academic Dishonesty in the 21st Century
  27. Revealing Data Graphically When You’re Not an Artist
  28. Prior Knowledge Check

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