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In Their Own Words: Upperclassmen Participate in Summer Internships

Many upperclassmen participated in internships over the summer. Here are two of their stories. 

Cameron Paige

Sales intern at Total Quality Logistics, Louisville, KY

What I enjoy most about being a sales intern at Total Quality Logistics is always having something important to do, not just a simple task of filing some papers but providing the transportation of a customer’s product. The challenge to cover a load with the highest margin is always fun, but at the same time I’m getting the chance to practice and improve my negotiation/selling skills over the phone and have learned a lot about the transportation industry as a whole. From covering a customer’s load, booking a truck to move the load, and completing daily check calls to ensure timely delivery and over the road updates for customers, TQL has been a great job to be an intern.TQL has given me the chance to be exposed to an awesome sales force in the 3PL industry. The other employees are always willing to help out with any questions I may have and make it feel right at home, while at the same time working in a professional environment. The first week of training was great because it allows you to learn the basics without just throwing you in the job not knowing what to do. Here at TQL the attitude is to “work hard and play hard” and work always comes first! If you want to be in a great sales position TQL is the place to be

Ben Gies

U.S. Navy Childhood & Youth Programs Intern, Naples, Italy

On my journey to becoming a secondary school history teacher within the public school system, I have encountered numerous opportunities and even managed to brush up on my French history while studying abroad in Paris last year. However, landing an internship with the Department of Defense and the U.S. Navy which has returned me to Europe was perhaps the most unexpected highlight of my Bellarmine career! Even more exciting was learning that I had been assigned to the U. S. Naval Command in Naples, Italy.

Arriving in Italy was a sojourn. Upon arrival, it was arranged for me to tour three breathtaking Italian villages on the Mediterranean Sea as well as several important historical sites and museums. Seeing these sights not only provided me with a taste of what my next three months in Italy will hold, but also provided opportunities for networking. On my first tour for example, I befriended the head of Human Resources for the U.S. Navy’s Educational Division and on my second tour unexpectedly met the American Ambassador to Italy! My mentors at the Naples Naval Base have been very generous in integrating me into the Childhood and Youth Programs (CYP) division of Morale, Welfare, and Recreations (MWR), as well as introducing me to possible careers within international American schools, otherwise known as DoDEA schools.

Throughout my internship, I will be working primarily with CYP's Training and Curriculum Specialist. The specialist has become a co-mentor of mine. As a Training and Curriculum Specialist, I will be working to perfect the best training practices for Navy Child and Youth Program teachers and administrators. I will also be helping to strengthen and develop curriculum for each division. While my first few days consisted of touring facilities and completing observations of each center and with each age group, I now find myself already diving into co-planning upcoming trainings and other events, as well as properly learning to evaluate program curriculum. I am already learning much and feel uniquely prepared for this position after having recently completed several units of study concerning building educational and standards-based curriculum. I've greatly enjoyed working with the administrative side of the program.

I have also been partaking in administrative meetings where real world educational issues are being discussed and strategies devised. I feel that is preparing me for a career in educational leadership, of which I have long had goals of entering. From these, I have already taken on a few assignments including teaching summer classes concerning college and career readiness to Naples American High School students.

To say that these past few weeks fit the cliché of a ‘dream come true’ would be a severe understatement. At the close of every week, I find myself setting out on a new adventure. From seeing Michelangelo’s David with my own two eyes, to climbing to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, I have fallen in love with this beautiful country. In addition, I have become stronger in my abilities as an educator, historian, and grown as an individual as a result of my internship experience. 

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