Students FAQS

Students FAQ's

Student cannot view Financial Award Letter:

  • Log-into My.Bellarmine and click on the “Your Financial Aid Award link”
  • If the student clicked on the link and the webpage does not load correctly, please use an alternate browser, such as FireFox or Google Chrome.
  • If you are having issues logging into, please see the next topic below for more information:



Cannot log into

·         If the randomly generated password from Admissions is no longer working, login to to reset it.


How do I connect my game console to the Bellarmine gaming network?

·         Please read the following instructions: http://conjira:8180/confluence/display/HLP/Connecting+a+Game+Console+to+Bellarmine


Cannot log into Blackboard:

  • Be sure you are entering your e-mail or username and your Student ID Number for the Password.
  • Have them use the Forgot Password Utility and if they have a Blackboard Account it will inform them the password has been sent.
  • If they do not have a Blackboard Account, the error message produced by the Forgot Password Utility will be No user accounts were found that matched the information entered.”


Password Resets:

·         Contact the Technology Support Center and please have your student ID number and a picture ID for verification.


·         Once the password has been reset please log into and you will then be prompted to create a new password.


·         Passwords must be a minimum of Eight Characters in length, must contain at least One Uppercase as well as One Lowercase Letter as well as a Number or Special Character.


My Student ID Card does is not swiping:

·         Clean the card’s magnetic strip and wait 30 seconds to try again. The following are the criteria for cards to access various areas. If you meet the criteria and the card continues not to work, please contact the Technology Support Center.

  • 24-Hour Room – Currently enrolled students and taking classes. The semester must also have officially started.
  • SuRF – Must be a current Student, Faculty or Staff Member.
  • Residence Hall/Room – Current Students in residence for the particular location. If there is no door access, you will need to contact Residence Life at (502)272-7272.

PaperCut Refunds:

  • Contact the Technology Support Center and a Full-time Staff Member will need to process your refund request.


Receiving warning about the size of your Outlook Mailbox:

  • Student Mailboxes are limited to a total size of 100 MB. If you have received e-mail notifications about mailbox size, you may want to begin deleting unneeded e-mails and then empty your Deleted Items Folder.
  • If you have deleted all unneeded e-mail and are still receiving the notifications.


E-mail on Cellular and Mobile Devices:



  • Students must first register their cars in My.bellarmine under the Student Business and then go to the Security office to pick up their sticker.

  • Must have an active Student e-mail account.
  • The TSC does not support downloading or installing software purchased from Bell Industries.  Bell Industries may be contacted for support at  1-888-396-1447

Anti-virus Software:

What services does the Technology Support Center support for Student computer issues?

  • Assist with accessing various Bellarmine related sites and programs
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity issues throughout the campus
  • Assist with configuring Mobile Devices to our Exchange e-mail servers
  • Scan and remove Malware on computers
  • The Technology Support Center will perform basic diagnostics to determine the likely issues with an inoperable computer and offer suggestions for fixing hardware and software issues. The TSC will NOT install new/replacement hardware or software.


Data\E-mail Retention Policy:

·         Bellarmine Alumni must submit an e-mail request to to continue using their student accounts. The e-mail account must have regular activity to stay open and active.


·         If a formal request is not made, then the mailbox will be deleted after


Parents of Bellarmine Students and Passwords:

·         The TSC does not reveal Students’ passwords to Parents neither do we accept requests from Parents to reset Student passwords.  Students must directly contact the Technology Support Center to have a password reset.


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