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Master of Arts in Communication (MAC)

The Master of Arts in Communication Program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the field of communication through hands-on experiences, small group analysis and applied coursework. With access to state-of-the-art facilities and a small student-to-faculty ratio, the MAC program prepares students for careers and advancement in the vibrant field of communication. Our courses are taught by full-time faculty members who blend class work and discussion with real-world application and field experiences, to create an optimal learning environment that teaches to the future of this dynamic industry. Students will apply communication theory to contemporary organizational and social issues, and they’ll explore ethical and legal issues related to communication across all media. If you want to study in an industry that is changing the way the world works, then check out Bellarmine’s Master of Arts in Communication!

The Master of Arts in Communication curriculum includes 21 hours of required courses with options for the remaining 9 hours to complete the 30-credit hour degree. Of the remaining 9 hours, students may choose 3 topics courses or a combination of topics courses, a thesis, an internship practicum or an independent study (upon approval of the Dean). Students may also apply for professional portfolio credit or transfer credit from other accredited universities.

The cost for tuition is $730 a credit hour, totaling $21,900. Books and classroom supplies are additional expenses.

The Master of Arts in Communication program is designed to accommodate both full-time students and working professionals. Full-time students will enroll in the fall term and take four courses in the fall and spring terms, followed by two courses over the summer. Part-time students may enroll in the spring or fall terms, and will take one or two courses per term until they've completed the 10-course program.

Program Outcomes

The learning outcomes for the Master of Arts in Communication are:

  1. Students will demonstrate through critical thinking, the application of media, culture and communication in a global and diverse workplace.
  2. Students will solve communication questions from a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives.
  3. Students will evaluate communication issues from multiple ethical and legal perspectives.

It is expected that all Masters students in the School of Communication are aware of the program’s Academic Honesty Policy, which appears on each syllabus and is also located here.

Tuition and Fees

The Masters in Communication is a 10-course, 30 credit hour program that can be completed as a full-time or part time student.

The cost for tuition is $730 a credit hour, totaling $21,900 (does not include future tuition increases). Books and classroom supplies are additional expenses.


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