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Master of Arts in Communication (MAC)

The Master of Arts in Communication Program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the field of communication through experience and coursework. The knowledge gained from this program allows students to become familiar with the practical application of communication theories. Students consider the ethical and legal issues related to communication in diverse environments, and will become more critical media participants. This program’s combination of experience, course work, and knowledge prepares students to handle real-world communication challenges within and outside the workplace.

Students study digital media, ethical communication in a culturally diverse workplace, media convergence and its impact on the workplace, and strategies for utilizing media more effectively. The curriculum includes 21 hours of required courses with options for the remaining 9 hours to complete the degree. Of the remaining 9 hours, students will take 3 Topics courses or take a combination of a Topics course, thesis and/or an independent study. Topics courses will vary by semester and the specialty of the faculty member instructing the course.

Program Outcomes

Specifically, the Master of Arts in Communication goals and anticipated outcomes are to ensure students will be competent to:

  • Cultivate critical participants of media.
  • Address communication questions from a variety of theoretical perspectives.
  • Address communication questions from a variety of methodological perspectives.
  • Evaluate communication questions from multiple ethical and legal perspectives.
  • Develop an understanding of diversity in relation to communication.


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