Advising and Registration for Second Semester Freshmen

All Bellarmine students must meet with their assigned academic advisor to discuss course selection and progress toward graduation prior to registering for classes for the upcoming semester. In the fall of freshman year, all Bellarmine freshmen are advised by their Freshman Focus instructor. Second semester, all freshmen are transitioned to a new advisor who is either a faculty member in their major or an advisor in the Academic Resource Center (ARC).

New Advisor Day

New Advisor Day marks the freshmen’s transition to a new advisor in their major. At the event, students had the opportunity to connect with their major department and meet their advisor. Undecided freshmen had the opportunity to explore one major of interest. Undecided students are advised by an ARC staff member until they declare a major.

My Student Still Does Not Know Her Advisor

If students still have questions about who their advisor is, please direct them to the Student Portal on Current advisors are listed for each student. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with their advisors. In addition, ARC advisors are available to assist students who have questions about making contact with their assigned advisors.

Seven Tips for Meeting an Advisor

Meeting with an advisor for the first time can be intimidating or confusing to some students. Amy Siegel, Sophomore Advising Specialist, shared seven tips for meeting with an advisor for the first time, which she encourages you to pass along to your students.

  1. Send an email introduction to your advisor. Include your name, year in school, major, and potential career goals. Be aware of your advisor’s posted office hours and try to request a meeting during those hours. If you are absolutely not available during the posted office hours, list several dates and times when you are available. 
  2. Once your advisor responds to your request, send a confirmation email stating that you will be there during your scheduled time and you look forward to discussing your academic plans.
  3. Prepare for an advising registration appointment by studying your schema (course curriculum) in the appropriate course catalog. Note the classes that you have already taken (and passed) or are currently taking. Using that information, make a tentative schedule for your upcoming semester using the current class schedule. Advisors are also interested in your academic plans and career goals, so do not be afraid to bring them up in conversation. Also, if you have other academic interests beyond your current major, be prepared to explore these interests with your advisor. If you have concerns about the difficulty of a class or have thought about changing your major, it is wise to talk with your advisor about these issues.  They can refer you to faculty or staff on campus for specific assistance.
  4. Arrive at least five minutes early to your appointment.
  5. Introduce yourself and shake your advisor’s hand.
  6. After your advising appointment, send a quick thank you email stating your gratitude for the time your advisor spent with you.
  7. Plan to meet with your advisor at least once a semester.

Additional Resources

If students are thinking about changing majors or are unsure about registration for any reason, please encourage them to register with their best assumption about classes which represent best choices for them. If they change their mind about some classes before next semester begins, they may make changes to their schedule themselves, but we encourage them to speak with their advisor about any drastic changes.

For course requirements for all majors click here.

For information from the registrar on the complete advising and registration process, visit the Registrar's website.