Freshman Focus

Freshman Focus IDC 100 is a one hour credit course that will provide all traditional aged freshmen the chance to make their transition to college as intentional as possible.  Through reading, writing, discussion, and out-of-class activities, Bellarmine hopes to direct and support its freshmen by increasing students’ self-awareness and sense of purpose about college. The class will focus on decision making in regard to both the academic and social dimensions of their lives, leading to a successful first year in college.  Freshman focus addresses skill development in the following four core areas:

  • Academic skills
  • Health and wellness
  • Personal and emotional
  • Social involvement

Goals for Freshman Focus

  • Develop an understanding of technology (as it relates to the University).
  • Engage in social and/or community activities sponsored by the University.
  • Comprehend the importance of taking academic initiative.
  • Develop speaking, writing, and listening skills.

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