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Graduate School Preparation

GRE Information

So you're ready to take the plunge into graduate school, and you know you need to register for the GRE and get ready to take it, but how?  For information about the GRE, free GRE prep software, and samples of test questions, go to

GRE Prep Session

The ARC offers a free GRE prep course for current students and selected prospective graduate students. The full course meets eight weeks and covers a different topic each week, but participants are not required to attend all eight meetings. ARC tutors or ARC staff lead each session.

Spring 2015

The first half of the course (weeks 1-4) covers GRE logistics and one different topic each week for the verbal and writing portions. The second half (weeks 5-8) covers one topic each week for the quantitative (math) portions.

  1. January 15: What is the GRE? & Mini-Lesson on “Sentence Equivalence” Questions
  2. January 22: You Fill-In the Blank(s): “Text Completion” Questions
  3. January 29: Did You Get the Gist?: “Reading Comprehension” Questions
  4. February 5: The Write Way?: The Essay Sections  
  5. February 12: Properties of Numbers (fractions, percents, proportions)
  6. February 19: Algebra (solving equations, systems of equations, charts)
  7. February 26: Geometry
  8. March12 (no class the week of March 6 for spring break): Statistics & General Strategies for quantitative questions

For each date, the course meets 11 a.m.- noon and 4:30-5:30 p.m. covering the same topic. Space is limited.


If you encounter problems or have questions, email Cassie Book at with GRE in the subject line. 

Graduate School Application Essays

When writing graduate school application essays and personal statements, it is important to seek out feedback and advice. Although there are many resources that can provide valuable feedback (professors, friends, family, co-workers, advisors, and peers), visiting the Writing Center is an important way to get the perspective of an experienced writer.

GMAT, LSAT, MCAT Preparation

Currently, the ARC does not offer prep sessions for these tests, but has study materials available for use in the library. Stop by the ARC (Library B-level) to inquire.

Free Practice Tests from Kaplan Learning

Kaplan offers free GRE, LSAT,  DAT, PCAT, MCAT, GMAT, and OAT tests online. Sign up at  Each attendee will get a detailed score report highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, complete explanations of every question, and strategies for improvement. We will send you an email confirming your registration and providing instructions for check-in the day of the test. Any questions can be directed to

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