Testing Procedure FAQ for Instructors

As noted in Ch. 7, one of the criteria for assessing annually a faculty member’s teaching addresses “whether and to what extent the faculty member is engaged in the ongoing reflection and evaluation necessary to effective, vital teaching; including whether and to what extent a faculty member identifies expected student learning outcomes, assesses whether those outcomes have been achieved, and provides evidence of improvement based on analysis of those results” (  While personnel in the Academic Resource Center provide assistance with testing under University-prescribed circumstances, care is taken to underscore the fact that ultimate authority for assessment of student learning rests with faculty members, as reflected in the following protocols: 

What do I do if a student qualifies to use testing accommodations?

  • Students should have already received an accommodation letter from the Disability Services office and should provide instructors with a copy.  Instructors can choose to use their own distraction-reduced environment through their own department.  If this resource is not available students may sign up to take the test in the ARC.‚Äč
  • Students are required to renew all accommodations once each year with the Disability Services office.

How do students use these testing accommodations?

  • Taking a test for a class in the ARC is a service provided to students who qualify for accommodations through the office of Disability Services or who miss a test because they are representing the university at a university-sanctioned event.
  • Students are required to notify instructors that they will be using testing accommodations. The professor and student must agree on a testing date and time prior to the student signing up to test in the ARC using the test request form.. Without this notification, students will be unable to take a test in the ARC. Appointments cannot be made over the phone.

How do students sign up to take a test?

  • The date and time at which students will take a test is decided by the professor teaching the course. Professors and students need to be aware of space constraints. The ARC needs notice three days before a student takes a test in the ARC in order to make sure we have necessary personnel on hand. Testing in the ARC is available Monday through Friday (when classes are in session) beginning at 8:30 AM. All exams must be completed by 5:00 PM on these designated days.
  • Testing for final exams begins at only two times during Finals Week: 8:00 AM or 1:00 PM.
  • Students are required to arrive at the time they indicate on their form.  There is no 15-minute arrival window.

How can tests be delivered or picked up?

  • Faculty members may send tests to the ARC via email or may deliver them in person.  It is essential that faculty members include any particular instructions (i.e., the appropriate Scantron, use of calculator, notes, or computer).
  • Faculty members will receive an email when the tests have been completed and may pick them up from the ARC Monday-Friday, between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00pm.  A signature from the person picking up the test is required, and the date will also be noted.  (The ARC is not responsible for tests once they have been signed out.)
  • No tests will be released to students or student workers, nor will ARC staff members deliver completed tests to faculty members. All exams taken in the ARC must be picked up and signed out directly by the instructor.

How are tests proctored in the ARC?

  • The ARC testing area is monitored via video surveillance (without audio) and a proctor is present in the ARC if students have questions or concerns.  Footage is available for review for up to two weeks following tests if needed.

What is the procedure for suspected cheating?

  • If there is any suspicion that a student may be cheating the proctors will notify the professors of what was observed.  Instructors may decide how to proceed.

What testing accommodations are available to students who qualify?

  • A distraction-reduced environment (the majority of students test in a room with other students with similar accommodations but not necessarily the same tests), or an isolated testing room (fewer students qualify).
  • Generally students may receive twice the normal allotted test time (varies according to accommodation).
  • Some may qualify to use a scribe or reader during test. This is set up by the Director of Disability Services.

What happens if students do not show up to the ARC on time or at all?

  • If students miss their test time the instructor will be notified by the ARC.  New arrangements for the test are made at the instructor’s discretion.
  • Students who do not arrive at their scheduled start time may be refused a spot if the testing room is full. If there is space for the student to test, that time will be deducted from their allowed testing time.

What are testing procedures during finals?

  • Tests are administered during finals week at only two times: 8:00am and 1:00pm.  Students will need to sign up for a time slot online as they normally would for tests.