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For most* undergraduate students, your student ID number is your password. If that does not work, you need to register an account.

*If you enrolled at Bellarmine as a first-time freshmen or are an accelerated nursing student, you are pre-registered with your student ID number as your password. All other classifications, including transfer students, must register.

If you have trouble logging in: call 502.272.7400, email arctutoring@bellarmine.edu, or visit the login page and click the link to reset your password via email.

Why Should I Visit the Writing Center?

Anyone developing an essay, paper, presentation, or public speaking assignment is encouraged to visit. No matter the discipline, type of project, or stage of development, our consultants are able to provide appropriate feedback. We believe that feedback and revision are crucial parts of the development process of any written, oral, digital, or multimodal project. We want to help you become better and more confident in writing, composing, and presenting.


The Writing Center wishes to enhance and improve the writing process for students through peer collaboration and dialogue, ultimately fostering critical thinking. Our work focuses primarily on assisting students in analyzing core writing elements such as structure, thesis, transitions, clarity, support, analysis, and synthesis. Our consultants are meant to serve as attentive listeners who can provide appropriate feedback about writing in any format or development stage. Our main goal is to help students invest their energies in improving their writing as a form of ongoing education, critical thinking, and preparation for the professional world.