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Are you interested in becoming a writing consultant?

The Writing Center is not currently hiring, but below is information regarding the position and application process. Watch the Daily Knight and the Writing Center's facebook page for announcements about open positions!

Job Summary

The Writing Center helps fulfill Bellarmine’s mission of “develop[ing] the intellectual, moral, ethical and professional competencies for successful living, work, leadership and service to others” by being an environment for “authentic conversations.” The primary responsibility of writing consultants is to assist students one-on-one and in small groups on with the primary goal of developing transferable written and oral communication skills. In addition, consultants participate in ongoing staff development, programs, events, social media, workshops, presentations, and in-class peer reviews. Writing center consultants can expect to work 2-8 hours a week, depending on availability and need.


The position offers students the opportunity to join a group of peers who are committed to academic excellence at Bellarmine and who hope to grow as critical thinkers, professionals, and writers.

  • Gain impressive professional experience on which to build a resume and recommendation.
  • Enjoy the rewarding and creative work of collaborating with writers in their processes.
  • Share experience and ideas with peer colleagues.
  • Grow as a reader and writer of academic prose.


  • Applicant’s strong command of academic writing as demonstrated by professor references, an academic writing sample, courses completed, and G.P.A.
  • Applicant’s availability, enthusiasm, and willingness to contribute to the Writing Center team and to participate in ongoing professional and learning activities (this includes a required one-credit class, English 251)
  • Applicant’s interpersonal skills, particularly aptitude as a peer collaborator 
  • Applicants understanding of the mission and purpose of a writing center

Application process (not currently accepting applications)

  1. Complete and submit the electronic form with basic information.
  2. Writing samples emailed as attachments to 1) Academic writing 2) Response to: What is a writing center? What is the importance of Bellarmine’s Writing Center to this campus? Why are you interested in becoming a Writing Center consultant?
  3. Applicants will be selected for an interview based on items 1 and 2. 

Questions regarding the job description and expectations should be directed to Cassie Book, Director of the Writing Center:, 502-272-8073, or Library A30.

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