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Writing Center Policies and Expectations

We encourage you to review our policies and expectations in order to get the most out of your writing center session! If you have any questions about the guidelines listed below, contact Cassie Book.

Before your appointment

  • Print and bring copy of your writing prompt or assignment's directions and anything (rough draft, partial draft, outline, free writing, or notes) you have already prepared.
  • Come prepared to answer: “What would you like to focus on today?”  
  • Arrive a few minutes early to sign-in so you can begin on time.

Writing Consultants

  • Are open, encouraging, and friendly.
  • Use your needs, effort, and investment to guide the session.
  • Do their best to offer help that benefits you both in the short-term, for your immediate project, and in the long-term, for your overall writing and communication skills.
  • Offer support, feedback, clarity, and tips based on their experiences and education.  
  • Address your questions and refer you to additional resources regarding organization, thesis, style, citation, editing, and genre.
  • Provide you with strategies to enhance your writing process including brainstorming, outlining, using sources, navigating handbooks, drafting, revising, and editing.

What You Should Not Expect from the Writing Center

  • Writing consultants do not grade, judge, evaluate, or criticize your writing.
  • Writing consultants will not write, rewrite, or revise your writing.
  • The Writing Center does not currently offer a drop-off or virtual service—all sessions are face-to-face.
  • Although the writing consultants study various disciplines, they will probably not be experts in your specific writing topic. Instead, they know what is valued in writing from across disciplines and genres. They will suggest that you consult with a professor or additional resources for discipline or course-specific questions.
  • Writing consultants are not available 24/7. All appointments must be reserved by midnight the evening prior. Our availability is up-to-date on our online schedule and our walk-in hours are listed on our website.  The consultants want to help you, but they have classes to attend too.  Budget your time, and make an appointment as soon as you can. Please do not contact consultants for extra help outside of their scheduled time.

Writing Center Appointment Policies

  • After any combination of two missed appointments or last-minute cancellations (defined as cancellations the day-of an appointment), the student will be prohibited from additional appointments until he or she meets with the Writing Center Director.
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late for an appointment, your reservation may be forfeited.
  • Sessions are 25 or 50 minutes and begin on the hour or half hour.
  • Two appointments of any length may not be scheduled or attended back to back. The rationale is that writers need time to work independently between sessions.
  • The maximum number of minutes allowed per day is 120 (in any combination of 25 or 50 minute appointments). 
  • The maximum number of minutes for appointments per week is 150 in any combination of (25 and 50 minute appointments).

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