Sports Studies

Bellarmine’s minor in sports studies is intended to increase students’ understanding and appreciation of sports. The minor enables students to explore the area of sports through the lens of subjects grounded in the liberal arts as well as professional studies.Concurrent with the minor, the Institute for Media, Culture and Ethics plays a critical role in providing supplemental activities such as sports-related seminars and guest speakers.

The minor is consistent with the University’s mission to “foster a thoughtful, informed consideration of serious ideas, values and issues – time honored and contemporary – across a broad range of compelling concerns.”


PSYC 209 Sports Psychology: This course is currently taught as a topics course but will become a permanent course offering.; It will study the psychological issues associated with sports including from the perspective of participants, fans and owners. It will emphasize the liberal-arts and inter-disciplinary aspects of such psychology.

COMM 324 Sports and Media: This course deals with issues related to communications and the media in the sports industry, and will do so from the perspective of high schools, colleges, semi-pro and professional teams and organizations.

ECON 106 Economics of Sports: This course will consider the economic aspects of sports and how sports impact the economy, as well as how economic issues are often the driving forces as to how sports are organized and run. It will look at the major sports of basketball, football, hockey and baseball.

BA 206 Sports Law: This course will deal with the legal aspects of sports including the rights and obligations of players, fans and owners. It will also deal with such issues as no competition, no trade, mergers, monopolies, assumption of risk and many other legal issues that underlie sports.

HIST History of Sports: This course is being developed by the History Department, and will describe the history of sports beginning with earliest treatments by Greek scholars through Greek events up to modern-day versions.; It will deal with how various sports evolved and what impact that they have had on cultures and societies.

EXSC 140 Personal Wellness: This course offers students the opportunity to explore issues in the health care delivery in the sports field as well as how athletes can improve their performance through personal wellness.

Faculty & Staff

Minor in Sports Studies steering committee:
Dan Bauer, Business
Ann Jirkovsky, Psychology
Ed Manassah, Institute for Media, Culture and Ethics
Gail Henson, Communications
Kent Brown, Exercise Science
Bob Pfaadt, History
Doris Tegart and Beth Davis, ex-officio