Message from the Chair

We have a terrific faculty in the Department of Biology who believe in exemplary teaching and engage in a wide variety of research:

  • Medical forensics
  • Microbial load in penguins
  • Relationship between breast cancer and smoking
  • Studying why people develop allergies to ragweed pollen
  • Designing experiments for the space program
  • Investigating coloration of plants
  • Isolating human-like genes from pigs
  • Communication in insects

Through both teaching and research, we are passionate about helping students succeed in their chosen careers. We do that by delivering the best educational experience we can (whether it be in the classroom, in the laboratory, or in the field) and by taking a personal interest in each student's professional development.

For more details have a look around the website. If you have specific interests in topics like Biochemistry and Molecular Biology or career paths such as medical school, be sure to visit those webpages, too.

If you have specific questions about the Biology Department, or Bellarmine University, feel free to contact me directly (or any of the Biology faculty). My phone number is 502.272.7451.

Best wishes,
Anthony J. Lentz, Ph.D (email)
Chair, Department of Biology
Bellarmine University

Put some life into your a biologist!

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