Christine Hutchins

Hutchins has 17 years’ experience teaching Mandarin Chinese.  She specializes in Chinese language pedagogy, assessment, and incorporating technology into the classroom.

In 1991, while an undergraduate student at Marshall University, she moved to Taipei, Taiwan, for one year to focus on how to read and write the traditional form of Chinese characters called fāntǐzì 繁体字, and speak and understand Modern Mandarin Chinese. This joint scholarship was funded by the AASCU (American Association of State Colleges and Universities) and the Ministry of Education in Taiwan, to study full-time two semesters at the National Taiwan Normal University’s Mandarin Training Center.

She earned her master’s degree in Southeast Asian Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a school well known for strong East, Southeast, and South Asian Languages.

She went on to obtain 30+ hours at Indiana University-Bloomington’s East Asian Summer Language Institute; and Northern Kentucky University’s Intensive Summer Institute World Language Teachers. She serves as a Master Teacher to that program’s new Chinese teacher- candidates.

She presents to various groups and associations and participates in Chinese teacher development workshops, after-school enrichment programs in Chinese and Chinese language youth summer camps. She is a member of the Chinese Language Teachers Association and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language.

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