The history department has faculty with expertise in Ancient, French Revolution, Russian, Middle Eastern, African, American and Latin American and Caribbean History. Faculty hold appointments in national history organizations and are well respected in their fields of expertise. History faculty offer students international travel to China, Mediterranean countries and Caribbean countries as part of their study of history.

Fedja Buric, Ph.D
BA - Bellarmine University
Ph.D. - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Teaching fields: modern European history, Eastern European history, Balkans, Genocide, Nationalism
Interest: 20th century Bosnia and former Yugoslavia, socialism, post-socialism
Office: Pasteur 208C
Phone: 502.272.8235
Email: fburic@bellarmine.edu

Margaret Mahoney, Ph.D
BA - University of Great Falls
MA and Ph.D - University of Minnesota
Teaching fields: Western Civilization, Ancient Near East, Greece, Rome, French Revolution
Office: Pasteur 206 (P206)
Phone: 502.272.8171
Email: mmahoney@bellarmine.edu

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Robert Pfaadt, MA
BA - Bellarmine College
MA - Arizona State University
Teaching fields: Western Civilization, Modern European and Russian History Research interest: Nazi-Soviet Relations, 1939
Office: Pasteur 208E (P208E)
Phone: 502.272.8267
Email: rpfaadt@bellarmine.edu

Eric Roorda, Ph.D BA 
BA - College of Williams and Mary
MA and Ph.D - Johns Hopkins University Teaching fields: Latin American History, Vietnam and Watergate, Race Relations and Civil Rights, and Travel Courses to China and Italy
Research interest: U.S. Relations with the Dominican Republic and Cuba, U.S. and Caribbean Maritime History Office: Pasteur 208A (P208A)
Phone: 502.272.8168
Email: eroorda@bellarmine.edu

Timothy Welliver, Ph.D
BA - DePauw University
MA - Ohio University
Ph.D - Northwestern University
Teaching fields: African history, Middle Eastern history, Islam, Slavery, Nazi Germany Research interest: 20th-century Zanzibar
Office: Pasteur 208D (P208D)
Phone: 502.272.8068
Email: twelliver@bellarmine.edu