Theatre Auditions

Open Auditions

Bellarmine Theatre Program is holding open auditions for its fall production 44 PLAYS FOR 44 PRESIDENTS!

Dates and Location

August 29 and 30 • 6-10 p.m.
Callbacks will be held August 31 from 6-10 p.m.
Wyatt Hall Black Box

Common Concerns

  • “But most of the presidents are old white men that don’t look like me!” Who cares if all the presidents are old white dudes, we're seeking a diverse cast to bring this exciting play to life! Let’s rewrite American history together and bring some color and “X” chromosomes up in here.
  • “Do I need to sing or dance?” Yes and no. While there is some singing and dancing in the show, it’s often used for comic effect and certainly doesn’t have to be high quality. As long as you are game to put your all into showing off your moves and pipes, we’ll be golden.
  • "But I’ve never acted before!” Not a problem, this isn’t your typical play. We’re looking for individuals with a lot of energy and personality rather than trained actors with lots of experience. Come join us at the audition and you’ll get a feel for what this show will be all about.
  • “So I’ve acted a lot, does that mean you don’t want me?” Well that depends, are you an individual “with a lot of energy and personality”? If so, this play is for you too. We promise we’ll use your actor-y skills as well.
  • “Do I need to memorize or prepare anything for the audition?” Nope. We’ll be doing some fun improve games to get a sense of who you are and where you might fit in the ensemble.
  • “There will be too many others trying out, I’ll never get cast!” Au contraire, with parts for 5-158 characters (that can all be played by ANYONE, male, female, black, white or green) you might just find yourself cast. Again, it all comes down to your energy and personality.

What this all boils down to is COME AUDITION! This is a great opportunity to dip your toe into the world of theatre and performance. Freshman, this is a GREAT way to get involved here on campus and make your mark. Seniors, haven’t you always been a little curious what goes on in Wyatt Hall? Sophomores/ Juniors, what, are you too busy hunting Pokemon or doing your homework?! Try something new for a change! Oh, and auditions are open to the entire Louisville community so bring your friends!

Questions? Email the Director, Zack Ross, at

About the Play

44 PLAYS FOR 44 PRESIDENTS is a chronological, biographical survey of the lives and presidencies of each of the 44 men who have held the office so far. Their mistakes and successes are celebrated by a company of actors who take turns donning a star-spangled coat that symbolizes the presidency. Beginning with George Washington's almost Eden-like perfection, the scenes shift frequently between the comic and the tragic, from Ben Franklin giving Thomas Jefferson a Borscht Belt-style roast, to the frank portrayal of William Henry Harrison's life as an "Indian slayer," and later the grim onset of the Civil War. Act II starts off the twentieth century with the assassination of William McKinley, moves through a Nixon-praising dance number, a George Bush Sr. mini-musical about dirty campaigning and arrives at a polarized America in both the George W. Bush and Barack Obama plays. Audience members consider their role in shaping the history they've just witnessed, as they are left to ponder where the presidency has gone since its fall from paradise...and where it will go next. And, as a special treat for Bellarmine audiences, our production will feature new material inspired by this election cycle!