MATH 305 Topics for Test 2
Spring 2014



Chapter 5

(a) Cartesian coordinate system
(b) Distance and midpoint formulas
(c) Slope, angle of inclination for lines
(d) Parallel and perpendicular lines
(e) Equations for lines
(f) Converting geometry problems to algebra problems
(g) Using coordinates in proofs
(h) Polar coordinate system


(a) E22
(b) E3, E17
(c) A3, A4, E4
(d) A4, E15, E16
(e) E7
(f) A7, E15, E16, E17
(g) A7, E12, E13a, E15, E217
(h) A8, A9, A10, E25

Chapter 8

(a) Transformations of the plane
(b) The concept of an isometry
(c) The four types of isometry in the plane
(d) Direct versus opposite isometries
(e) Composing isometries
(f) Identity and inverse isometries
(g) Proving with isometries


(a) A1, A2, A3, E1
(b) A4, E5, E7
(c) A5, A6. E8
(d) A8
(e) A9, E18, E19, E20
(f) A10, E25, E29
(g) E33, E34, E37