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Bellarmine Geology Field Trip Photos

Students being briefed before entering the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, for Honors 151, Spring 2011. Photo taken by Jen Greb.

Students viewing a fossil nut specimen in the collection facilities at the Smithsonian. Students pictured (left to right) Bernadette Kovacs, Chelsie Taylor and Jessica Russell. Photo taken by Jen Greb.

Students viewing the vertebrate paleontology collections at the Smithsonian. Photo taken by Jen Greb.

Adrienne Todd and William Waun taking measurements for constructing a stratigraphic column. Field paleontology trip, Honors 151, Spring 2011. Photo taken by Jen Greb.

Honors 151, Spring 2011. Pictured from left, Back Row: Matt Livers, Bethany Morse, Jen Greb, Adrienne Todd, William Waun, Ray Hupfer, Michael Ringlein, Natalie Nelson, Jessica Russell, Chelsie Russell. Front Row: Cecilia Kovacs, Bernadette Kovacs and Taylor Brengle.

Bellarmine students on a paleontology field trip to Taylor Mill, Kentucky, Spring 2010. From left: Samantha Weatherhead, Caitlin Boblitt, Grant Turner, Danielle Rupe, Michelle Johnston, Hunter Tychonievich, and Dr. Kate Bulinski.

Bellarmine Students participating in field work along the AA highway in Northern Kentucky. From left to right: Michelle Johnston, Dr. Kate Bulinski, Ellie Adkins and Evan Kuhl.

Large mudcracks preserved in upper Ordovician age siltstone near Fredericktown, Kentucky.

Students on a Paleontology field trip to Sulphur, Indiana.

Paleontology students collecting fossils at Sulphur, Indiana.



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