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Spring Semester 2013

                                   ENVS 150 Introduction to Earth Science

A class designed specifically for education majors to address earth science education standards. Students are taught fundamentals of earth science with a blend of lecture topics and lab exercises including the identification of rocks and minerals, plate tectonics, and the use of topographic maps. Offered every semester.

ENVS 130 Understanding Planet Earth

An introductory geology class for environmental studies and environmental science majors focusing on a wide range of geological concepts including mineralogy, paleontology, structural geology, geomorphology and natural hazards. Offered every semester.

ENVS 320:  Environmental Geology

Natural hazards and environmental problems affect humans across all levels of society. This class will allow students to identify the human-induced and natural causes of geological problems, and evaluate different solutions to these problems. Weekly laboratory will focus on recognizing environmental geological processes through field trips and in-class projects. Prerequisite: ENVS 130. Offered as needed.

Other Class Offerings

Biol 237/Chem 237 Paleontology

Students in this class will explore concepts related to the evolution of life through time, paleobiogeography, diversifications, mass extinctions, the processes of fossilization, the analysis and interpretation of paleoecological data, and the effects of global climate change on both fossil and modern ecosystems.  The course includes several field trips including a mandatory all-day field trip to the Cincinnati area for a culminating lab exercise. Offered as needed.

HONORS 150: Evolution and Creationism

This freshman-level interdisciplinary course serves to explore both worldviews framed in either faith or science, and how these two paradigms can coexist, if at all.  Students complete readings focusing on a variety of topics related to Evolution and Creationism and come to class ready to discuss and debate these ideas in a seminar-style setting.  Students compose several opinion papers and one formal research paper.  The course also includes one mandatory all-day field trip on a Saturday where the class will view the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History and Science and the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY.   Offered as needed.

HONORS 151: Geology , Natural Hazards and the Environment

This class is a broad introduction to some of the most interesting components of the study of geology woven together into a cohesive picture of earth processes and their impact on human society.  Some examples of class topics will include minerals and gemstones, the fossil record, volcanoes and earthquakes, fossil fuels, and climate change.  This class will include occasional field trips held during the lab period to areas of local geological interest and one overnight weekend trip to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. Offered as needed.



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