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New Employee Information

Welcome to Bellarmine and welcome to the New Employee section. You will find important information concerning your employment - HR forms and additional resources - helpful to new employees. Contact the Office of Human Resources with any additional questions at 502.272.8435 or visit our offices in Horrigan Hall - Room 213.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment Education

Bellarmine University is committed to maintaining a work and study environment free of sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination. In keeping with our commitment, the Board of Trustees has approved a University-wide policy that prohibits sexual harassment and discrimination. As such, every member of the staff and faculty must participate in an educational program called “Preventing Sexual Harassment” within two weeks after the date of hire. This program outlines the prevailing laws on sexual harassment and the University's policies and procedures for reporting sexual harassment. It also provides examples to illustrate the kinds of words and behavior that might reasonably be regarded as sexual harassment and, therefore, should be avoided.

While this educational program primarily focuses on sexual harassment, the principles apply essentially the same way to all forms of discriminatory harassment. You may believe that these principles may not apply to you or that you will never be subjected to harassment or discrimination. However, we must treat these policies seriously. This educational module has been adopted by more than a hundred universities around the country in addition to other numerous organizations.

This module will take about 45 minutes to complete. If you can’t do so in one sitting, no problem! Just bookmark the place where you stopped, and you can return to that spot later. If you are a non-exempt staff person, you should complete it on Bellarmine’s time – even if you access it from home. The module includes a test at the end (you must work through the entire module first) to insure that you have read all the materials, including Bellarmine’s policies. Supervisors must achieve a passing score of 90% while non-supervisors and faculty must achieve a score of 86%. Why the difference in scores? Because the law holds supervisors, as agents of the University, to a higher standard of conduct and knowledge. You should print a certificate showing that you completed the test. Please send a copy of that certificate to HR right away.

If you need assistance while completing this module, please contact Human Resources. When you first go to the site, you will have to select the category of employee most appropriate to you, i.e., Supervisory (you evaluate and oversee the work of another employee), Non-Supervisory or Faculty. If you are unsure into which category you fall, please contact HR for clarification.

Simply click on this website or log onto the site from home:

In the words of Dr. Joseph McGowan, Bellarmine president:

As a university community, our goal must be to foster an environment thatrecognizes the worth and potential of every individual. We must communicate respect among all members. We strive for an inclusive community because it is the right thing to do. I trust that you share my resolve to ensure a campus atmosphere that advances both the University's mission and its reputation for excellence.

Thank you for giving this university mandate your timely attention.

Employee Personal Purchases

A number of vendors provide discounts for Bellarmine employees. Click on the link below for details and updates.

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