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Pavilions of Learning

Android App Development – Discover open-source development tools for the classroom applicable to a variety of skill levels and learn how to access video curriculum available through the Library. In this pavilion, you will get hands-on experience using an integrated development environment to begin working on your very own app using the Java programming language. 

Presenter: Michael Ward, Louisville Free Public Library

3-D Printing: Revamping Education Through Design – Our world is in the midst of a new industrial revolution. This new era demands that our workforce be technologically savvy, and able to adapt to a rapidly changing work environment. With this in mind, as educators, it is crucial that we give our students every opportunity to succeed. I will discuss how I am preparing my students for this world through the use of amazing machines, the encouragement of failure, and inquiry and performance based learning.

Presenter: Steve Hammer

EverFi – Free Online Resources to Teach Cyber Safety, STEM, and more! – EverFi provides free online programs to schools that harness the power of digital media to teach critical life skills such as digital responsibility, basic computer science, and more. Participants will learn how to effectively blend online resources into their classrooms in order to meet the needs of the 21st Century student. Participants will be given free access to all programs as well as supplemental resources and support.

Presenter: Mike Oliver

Gamification – Phoenix Crew – The term Gamification as it is being used here means applying the same psychology that drives video games and gaming to an active classroom setting. This is not a presentation on using games in class. This is a presentation on making your classroom into a coherent game.

Jackie Honghern Sharp
Michael Jenkins
John Scott Brewer
Jeffery Harden
Debbie Schweitzer  

Leadership and Learning on iPad: Education Leaders – At this session, you’ll see learning tools from Apple and discover how these innovative technologies can improve academic achievement and prepare students and teachers for success implementing the Common Core State Standards.  
Touted as a magical and revolutionary way to experience education, the iPad has transformed classrooms, raised student achievement and decreased drop-out rates around the country. There has never been a better time to rethink education teaching and learning with the Apple mobile solutions.
This session will showcase how to come about such transformations while addressing these critical challenges facing educators today.

 – Explore how the iPad and a myriad of instructional resources from iTunes U, apps, and more can be aligned with the  Common Core State Standards.

 – Explore engaging digital tools that empower students as content creators.

 – Experience mobile technologies that extend learning beyond the classroom.

 – See how collaborative Web 2.0 tools facilitate cross-discipline, project-based learning.

Presenter:  Eric Wood, Apple

Google Apps for Education: What? How? Help! – Learn how our 7th  grade science class used apps like documents and forms. We will also talk about the #1 management dashboard feature that every Google teacher needs to know about.  Expect tips, tricks and a few “don’t do’s” that we have learned this year. 

Presenter: Buffy Sexton, NBCT Science
Meyzeek Middle School

***Buffy was unable to get the five hours of video from the conference online; however, she did provide a link to a great blog from a science teacher who uses digital notebooks with Google Docs and sites. He has several videos on how he has accomplished this and reflection on what he will do differently next year. Click on the link to access the blog (videos).



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