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Spotlight Sessions

Spotlight I – July 30, 2014

Under the leadership of Superintendent Buddy Berry,students and teachers in Eminence schools have displayed a passion for reinventing the K-12 experience. Their “School on F.I.R.E.” (Framework of Innovation for Re-Inventing Education) model is utilizing technology and a new commitment from faculty to personalize instruction for each student. Thom Coffee, Instructional Supervisor for the district, will discuss the Eminence's vision of innovation and integration of technology. 

Spotlight II – July 31, 2014

Technology Slam

In the vein of a poetry slam – conference participants sign up to present  their best Web 2.0 site, free/cheap hardware/software solution, or instructional idea. Each presenter has  5-minute to share their innovation. Through applause everyone present will vote for the best one, and the winner gets a prize! Quick, fun, enlightening, inspiring and engaging!



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