Study Abroad Faculty Liaisons

Students who plan to spend a semester abroad MUST meet with their faculty liaison to discuss which classes in their major may be taken overseas and to decide the best time to go abroad. This is an important part of the study abroad preparation process. Students who wish to go abroad for the summer are also encouraged to meet with their faculty liaison to discuss their plans. For summer/winter abroad programs, all students who have met the course prerequisites and obtain the approval from the dept. chair may take the following general education classes abroad: IDC 301, fine art requirement, English literature requirement, theology elective, social science requirement.

Application procedures for all BU programs can be found here.

Faculty Liaisons

Rubel School of Business
Dr. David Collins,
Advising for Business Administration, Economics, and Accounting
Office: Miles 102
502.272.8248 or

Frazier Thornton School of Education

Dr. Belinda Richardson, Advising for all Education Majors
Office: Allen Hall 306 
502.272.8371 or

Lansing School of Nursing & Clinical Sciences
Dr. Linda Cain, Advising for Nursing, Exercise Science, P.T., CLS, R.T.
Office: Miles Hall 209
502.272.8101 or

School of Communication 

Dr. Gail Henson, Advising for Communications, English
Office: GBCH 226
502.272.8223 or

Bellarmine College of Arts and Sciences
Richard Burchard
, Advising for Fine & Performing Arts, Music, Philosophy, Theology
Office: Music Building 203
502.272.8497 or

Dr. Tom Wilson
, Advising for Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, History, Political Science)
Office: Pasteur 166
502.272.8003 or

Dr. Steven Wilt
, Advising for Math, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, BMB, Environmental Science & Studies
Office: Pasteur 181
502.272.8462 or