Where Can I Go?

Students can study abroad during the academic year, semester, summer, or winter and spring breaks. It is common for a Bellarmine student to study abroad on a short term program (summer, winter break, and spring break) after their freshman year and then study abroad for an academic year or semester their junior or senior year.

Policies and Procedures

  • Academic Year or Semester Minimum Requirements: Study abroad programs are available to any student who has attended Bellarmine for at least two semesters, maintained at least a 2.75 GPA,* and is in good social standing. A Bellarmine University study abroad fee is applicable per semester for credits transferred from abroad, for all programs, regardless of destination or provider. For study at a non-English speaking university site, proficiency in the language of study is a prerequisite. Minimum proficiency is demonstrated through the successful completion of four semesters of college-level study or its equivalent. *Please note that some programs require a GPA as high as 3.5.
  • Short Term (Summer, Winter Break, or Spring Break) Minimum Requirements: Study abroad programs are available to any student who has attended Bellarmine for at least one semester and is in good academic and social standing.
  • Study Abroad Programs Not Affiliated with Bellarmine University: If a student feels that he/she does not find a good match among our nearly 200 program and partner sites in 68 countries around the globe, he/she may look elsewhere. However, a student who chooses this option risks working with a university or program which has not been vetted or approved by Bellarmine. Thus, the quality of service may be unknown and there is limited support from Bellarmine while abroad. Furthermore, the student will be solely responsible for the transfer of credits for study abroad undertaken while on leave from Bellarmine for study at a partner university where Bellarmine is operating a program.
  • Notice On Study Abroad Programs in Countries with a U.S. Department Of State Travel Warning: Bellarmine does not allow students to study at a university or on a program in a country with a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning.

Academic Year and Semester Program Options

Short-Term Program Options

For information on internships and/or research options abroad, contact Bridget Klein.