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Accelerated Degree Requirements

The Respiratory Therapy Program offers professional preparation. The education of Respiratory Therapy students relates to the use of diagnostic procedures and therapeutic aids in the treatment of patients with deficiencies, diseases, and abnormalities associated with heart or lung disorders. The student is prepared as a respiratory therapist and is expected to exercise independent judgment in activities including assessment of pulmonary function, measurement of blood gases, care of patients with artificial airways and requiring ventilatory support.

Respiratory Therapy Program Accreditation

The Respiratory Therapy Program (offering the Bachelor of Health Science degree in Louisville, KY) is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC) (

Commission on Accreditation
for Respiratory Care
1248 Harwood Road
Bedford, Texas 76021-4244

Accelerated Degree Program Admission Requirements

All students must hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and meet the following admission criteria:

  • Complete and sign the Respiratory Therapy application.
  • Submit a $25 application fee (unless a Bellarmine University alumni/a).
  • Candidates must hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.
  • Cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5.
  • Provide a written statement explaining why you want to become a Respiratory Therapist.
  • Successful completion of required prerequisite courses for the Respiratory Therapy program. Prerequisite course(s) may be taken at Bellarmine University.
  • Language Proficiency: All students are expected to have appropriate English-language proficiency to be admitted to the university. The language proficiency is required to ensure students are adequately prepared and well positioned to succeed. The Lansing School of Nursing and Health Sciences requires an official TOEFL iBT score for verification of language proficiency. Applicants who fall into any of the following categories should supply an official TOEFL iBT score: a) born outside the US, b) for whom English is a second language, c) have a degree or transcripts from a non-US institution. Applicants must earn a total score of 83 or higher and a speaking score of 26 or higher to meet the language proficiency requirement.
  • Final official transcript(s) from each college or university attended should be mailed to the Office of Graduate Admission and not be marked “Issued to Student”.
  • If any transcripts or undergraduate degree(s) are from an international institution you must provide an official copy of a third party course by course credential evaluation. The following organizations offer this service and information regarding processes and fees available at:, and The Office of Graduate Admission reserves the right to request a certified copy of the original transcript(s).
  • A personal interview, if requested, by the Respiratory Therapy Admission Committee.
  • Provide one letter of recommendation from a faculty member and/or supervisor who knows you. A recommendation form is included in the application packet.

Prerequisite Courses

Thirty hours consisting of the following:

  • Anatomy and Physiology I and II (8)
  • Microbiology (4)
  • General College Chemistry (4)
  • Physics (4)
  • General Psychology (3)
  • Ethics (3)
  • Statistics (3-4)

The Curriculum

  • RTH 308/309 RT Science I and Lab (4)
  • RTH 311 Clinical Assessment (3)
  • RTH 340 RT Clinical Education I (2)
  • BIOL 300 Pathophysiology (4) 
  • NURS 312 Healthcare Research (3)
  • Theology (3)
  • RTH 313/314 RT Science II and Lab (5)
  • RTH 321 Cardiopulmonary Pathology (2)
  • RTH 323 Introduction to Pharmacology (3)
  • RTH 350 RT Clinical Education II (6)
  • RTH 455 Advanced Cardiac Life Support (2)
  • RTH 420 Respiratory Therapy Science III (3)
  • RTH 440 Cardiopulmonary Monitoring (3) 
  • RTH 450 Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Care (3)
  • RTH 460 RT Clinical Education III (3)
  • RTH 485 RT Clinical Education IV (3)
  • RTH 490 Seminar (3)

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