Transfer Student Curriculum

Transfer Curriculum for graduates with an Associate in Applied Science, Advanced-Level Respiratory Care Practitioner

  • PHIL 160 Introduction to Philosophy (3)
  • HIST 116 The Western World I, 1450 to 1870 (3) OR
  • HIST 117 The Western World II, 1870 to Present (3) 
  • ENGL 200 Reading Literature (3) 
  • MATH 205 Elementary Statistics (4) 
  • General Education Fine Arts Requirement (3) 
  • PHIL 301 Ethics (3)
  • THEO 200 Ultimate Questions (3)
  • IDC 301 Junior Transcultural Experience (3)
  • BIOL 300 Pathophysiology (4)
  • RTH 420 Respiratory Therapy Science III (3)
  • RTH 440 Cardiopulmonary Monitoring (3)
  • NURS 312 Health Care Research (3)
  • IDC 401 Senior Seminar (3)
  • General Education Theology Elective (3)
  • RTH 410 Advanced Physiologic Testing (3)
  • Electives (9)
  • RTH 455 Advanced Cardiac Life Support (2)
  • RTH 490 Seminar (3)

Student must complete a minimum of 36 hours at Bellarmine. In addition, a student must have a total of 126 hours to obtain a BHS degree.

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Admission Requirements

  • Minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average
  • Proof of completed Associate in Applied Science from a regionally accredited institution
  • Applicant must be a Registered Respiratory Therapist (proof of valid licensure required)
  • Completed transfer application on file in the Office of Admission (including official transcripts from all previous coursework)
  • If any previous coursework is from an international institution, if English is the applicant’s second language, or the applicant was born outside the United States,TOEFLiBT scores must be submitted. The program requires a total score of 83 or higher and a 26 or higher on the speaking test. The Lansing School of Nursing and Health Sciences reserves the right to require the TOEFL from any applicant.
  • If any previous coursework is from an international institution the applicant must provide an official copy of a third party course by course evaluation. The following organizations offer this service and information regarding processes and fees is available at or
  • Personal interview if requested