Community Features

Experiential learning, with students actively involved in the Bellarmine and Louisville community, as well as other off-campus environments.

Collaborative teaching, with Bellarmine professors from various disciplines working together and with members of the Louisville corporate and civic community to men┬Čtor students as well as to plan, implement, and assess the program.

A community of students who want to become engaged in their community through service and leadership and to develop those skills necessary to be successful community leaders.

An innovative approach to the first year with students taking five courses together all designed specifically for the learning community and integrated with on- and off-campus co-curricular activities linked to community leadership and engagement. This innovation continues into the second year with students taking two classes together connected to a community-based research internship devoted to civic engagement and social justice. A pioneering living/learning community with residential students living in Petrik Hall, a residence hall specifically for first-year learning community members to which commuters will have community access.