About the Library


The W. L. Lyons Brown Library, dedicated in 1997, stands as a visible symbol of the centrality of teaching and learning at Bellarmine University. The services and collection resources of the library support the curriculum and general information needs of the university community. In addition to housing the library collections and services, it also contains the President’s office, the Thomas Merton Center, the Student Success Center and the majority of all technology operations.

The W. L. Lyons Brown Library is a teaching library. Librarians work closely with faculty members to ensure that Bellarmine students learn to appreciate the value of informed participation in their communities. These collaborative efforts support the development of students into lifelong learners.

Reference Services

Professional librarians provide individualized research assistance to students, staff and faculty. This one-on-one assistance helps students learn to effectively use the academic resources available through the library. The library’s resources include over 115,000 print volumes and more than 300 periodical subscriptions, as well as nearly 100 online databases, including ProQuest, EBSCOhost, JSTOR and the Kentucky Virtual Library. In addition, the library provides access to over 100,000 ebooks and over 37,000 online periodicals. Access to the library’s online catalog and various resources available across the Internet is provided from twenty computer workstations in the Reference Area, as well as a number of other terminals throughout the building and remotely through the campus network. Interlibrary Loan services are provided so that students and faculty may access materials that are unavailable locally. In addition to the Bellarmine resources, all Bellarmine students have access to other academic and public libraries in the Louisville area through the Kentuckiana Metroversity consortium. The library is a member of the Lyrasis regional library organization and uses the OCLC national database for cataloging and interlibrary loan purposes. The library is open over 100 hours per week during the regular semesters.

Classroom Instruction

Hands-on instruction and active project-based learning are important components in achieving the goal of information literacy for our students. The Online Classroom, located on Level 2 in the library, includes an instructor’s workstation and 12 student workstations, enabling 24 students working in pairs to receive hands-on instruction from librarians and instructors. Equally important, this classroom permits students to work subsequently on research projects under the guidance of their instructors during scheduled class or lab periods. When not being used for classes, the classroom is open as a computer lab.

Information Literacy

Information literacy for all students is an important focus of the University. Through individual and collaborative efforts the librarians and staff actively promote information literacy, emphasizing the ability to locate, access, evaluate, and use information. This ability is essential for lifelong learning and is developed over time. Bellarmine students participate in a general education curriculum that is designed to be strongly developmental and help students cultivate and master abilities essential to a meaningful education. Many of these goals are achieved by connecting the student directly to the intellectual and technological resources available through the W.L. Lyons Brown Library.

Study Spaces

Students enjoy a variety of environments in which to study, including group study rooms, individual carrels, and lounge chairs, as well as tables, a spacious reading room, and tables among the book stacks. Level 2 of the library has been set aside as a “quiet floor." There is a study lounge with computer workstations that is open 24 hours per day. The library building also includes study locations offering networked desktop computers, connections to the campus network and Internet for laptop computers, and a wireless network which allows members of the Bellarmine community to borrow laptops at the Circulation Desk for use in the library. Library users can log on to the campus network and the Internet from virtually anywhere in the library.

Foundation Center Cooperating Collection

The W. L. Lyons Brown Library has been designated a Foundation Center Cooperating Collection, one of less than 400 libraries in the United States to hold this designation. This allows the library to provide online access to the Foundation Center Online and house a print collection of resources for grants, as well.

Noise, Cell Phone and Service Animal Policy

It is very important that we maintain a quiet environment for those who will be using the library for studying and research purposes. Level 2 of the library has been set aside as a “quiet study” floor for individuals. Groups of students are given priority for the group study rooms, in order to facilitate collaborative learning in a more peaceful environment. These policies are intended to enhance an atmosphere that is conducive to study and research.

Patrons are asked to turn off or set on silent cell phones when entering the library. As a courtesy to all, cell phones should not be used in any study areas of the building. House phones are available on all levels of the building for your convenience. The library staff asks for cooperation in maintaining a noise-free library and adhering to the quiet floor, group study room, and cell phone policies. Also, keeping with campus policy, no animals except service animals are allowed in the building.