Paley Center for Media Trial - Login Instructions

How to access iCollection for the first time:


1. Go to


2. Click the Click to Enter link to launch the Please Login box.


3. In the lower left corner of the Please Login box, click Register Now.

•           Each user registers separately which enables the system to save an individual user's unique media collection.


4. Fill in all of the fields in the Registration section including the "Subscription ID."

•           This will only need to be done the first time that a user accesses the iCollection.

•           You can share this subscription ID with students and faculty directly, or by offering access to iCollection using the following custom link:




5. Click Register

•           This will direct the user to the welcome message of the iCollection.


The next time a user accesses the iCollection they can login with the username and password entered during registration.


If you are having trouble accessing the iCollection, this may be due to your school's proxy server settings.

Try accessing the iCollection through the following link (note the secure https prefix):



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