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Session Descriptions

Navigating the College Search and Application Process

Feeling overwhelmed about college? Don’t be! This session is perfect for anyone new to the college search and application process. Our Admissions staff will provide an overview of the process, a helpful timeline, a list of resources for staying on track, and their own personal tips for a successful college search.

Financial Aid 101

We know that making college affordable is a priority for every family. In Financial Aid 101, our Financial Aid experts explain how easy it is to earn a scholarship to Bellarmine (we award one to every admitted student), break down the financial aid behind the FAFSA, and answer your questions about college cost and value.

Making the BU Transition: How We Help

Bellarmine goes the extra mile to help students (and their parents) transition smoothly from high school to college. During this session, staff from the ARC (Academic Resource Center) will explain how BU specially supports freshmen along the path to a successful first year. Join to learn about our unique orientation program, tutoring and writing center, athletic advising, Freshman Focus course, Choosing a Major workshops, and more.

The Pioneer Scholars Program (First-Generation Students)

A first-generation student is one for whom neither parent has completed a degree at a four-year college or university. If this is you, please join us for your first workshop session of the day! Our current students will introduce you to the Pioneer Scholars Program, our unique freshman year experience designed specifically for first-generation students. One of the largest programs on campus (each year, approximately 250 first-generation students join our freshman class), Pioneer Scholars offers you greater support and direction as you transition to life at BU.

Tales from the Round Table (Student Panel)

As a child, Bellarmine’s founding president, Monsignor Alfred Horrigan, was fascinated with the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Today, students honor Horrigan’s legacy in the official school mascot: the Bellarmine Knight. In this session, ask questions of our Student Ambassadors and learn what it’s like to be a Knight, how to get involved, and how to make lifelong friends.

Physical Therapy Information Session

This session is designed to provide you with information on one of our most popular academic areas of interest, Physical Therapy. Faculty members will describe the program curriculum and explain the link between Bellarmine’s Pre-Physical Therapy program and our graduate degree, the Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Nursing Information Session

This session is designed to provide you with information on one of our most popular academic areas of interest, Nursing. Faculty members will describe the curriculum and admission requirements for our 4-year BSN degree, highlighting students’ extensive clinical experiences and job placement after graduation.

Business Information Session

This session is designed to provide you with information on one of our most popular academic area of interest, Business Administration. Faculty members will describe the program’s curriculum, internship opportunities, and international experiences. Bellarmine’s Rubel School of Business is accredited by the AACSB International – the first and only private school in Kentucky to achieve this distinction.

Learning Communities

Learning communities are structured university programs that typically connect two or more classroom courses around a common theme. Students in learning communities interact with peers who share similar interests, thereby developing a common commitment to each other’s personal and academic success. BU operates five learning communities (Galileo Learning Community, Brown Leadership Community, Eureka, the Honors Program, and Pioneer Scholars [for first-generation students]), with nearly 40% of freshmen participating in one. Attend this session to learn more!

Preparing for College Athletics

Interested in playing on one of our NCAA Division I (Lacrosse) and Division II athletic teams? During this session, Bellarmine coaches will give you instructions and advice for navigating the college athletic recruitment process. Go Knights!

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