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Departmental Accounts

Controller's office. This account number is required on Requisitions for Purchase Orders, Requisitions for Checks, and Reimbursement Requests.

A brief explanation follows for coding of expenditures.

The account number identification for a department is preceded by a Fund code. The Fund denotes the funding for the department. Academic and Administrative departments are normally funded by the Unrestricted Current Fund. This is the "general operating account" for the university.

The Current Funds

The Current Funds includes the economic resources that are expendable for the purpose of performing the primary and supporting missions of the university. The term "current" means that the resources will be expended in the near future and they will be used for operating purposes. Current funds are sometimes referred to as the general fund or the operating fund.

The Current Funds has two basic subgroups--unrestricted and restricted. Restricted Funds are those funds limited by donors and other external agencies to specific purposes, programs, departments, or schools/colleges. Unrestricted current funds include all funds for which no restrictions are made. At Bellarmine the majority of the unrestricted current funds are derived from student tuition and fees.

The Student Loan Funds

The Student Loan Fund's purpose is to account for resources available for loans to students.

The Endowment & Similar Funds

This group generally includes endowment funds, term endowment funds and quasi-endowment funds. Endowment Funds are those for which donors have stipulated under the terms of the gift instrument creating the fund that the principal of the fund is not expendable.

Term Endowment Funds are like endowment funds, except that all or part of the principal may be used after a stated period of time or on the occurrence of a certain event.

Quasi-endowment are funds that the governing board has determined are to be retained and invested.

Annuity and Life Income Funds

This group consists of two subgroups--Annuity Funds and Life Income Funds. Annuity funds consist of funds acquired under agreements whereby money or other property is made available on condition that it bind itself to pay stipulated amounts periodically to the donors or other designated individuals, which payments terminate at the time specified in the annuity agreement. The Life Income Funds consists of Charitable Remainder Trusts for which Bellarmine is the trustee and remainderman.

Plant Funds

These groups account for unexpended funds to be used for the acquisition of long-lived assets, funds set aside for the renewal and replacement of properties, funds set aside for debt service and retirement of indebtedness in plant and the cost of long-lived assets and associated liabilities.



Format of Accounts
Description of Format
10 Unrestricted Current Fund 10-xxxx-xxxxx Fund-Dept-Object
15 Student Budget Fund 15-xxxx-xxxxx Fund-Dept-Object
20 Restricted Current Fund 20-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx Fund-Dept-Object-Subfund
30 Student Loan Funds 30-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx Fund-Dept-Object-Subfund
40 Endowments 40-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx Fund-Dept-Object-Subfund
41 Annuities & Life Income 41-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx Fund-Dept-Object-Subfund
42 Funds Held in Trust 42-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx Fund-Dept-Object-Subfund
70 Plant Fund-Unexpended 70-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx Fund-Dept-Object-Subfund
71 Plant Fund-Renewal/Replacement 71-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx Fund-Dept-Object-Subfund
72 Plant Fund-Retirement of Debt 72-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx Fund-Dept-Object-Subfund
73 Plant Fund-Invested Plant 73-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx Fund-Dept-Object-Subfund

Department account numbers are assigned to the department head. Questions can be directed to the controller below for additional information.

Object codes are a description of the expenditure. Click here for a file of object codes with classification descriptions to assist in the selection to best describe the expenditure.

For questions about your account, budget, balance, etc., contact the Controller, Martha Thomas @ or 502.272.8107.

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