Relocation Benefit


When Bellarmine asks employees to relocate to a new area, certain relocation benefits may be provided to facilitate the transition. Relocation may be available to any eligible newly hired employee who must relocate in order to reside within 50 miles of the new place of work. Those employees eligible for relocation benefits are regular, full-time employees in Grades 5 and above.

For specific information regarding the terms and extent of relocation benefits, please contact the Human Resources Office.

Employees must request relocation assistance for specific items in advance of the date the expenses are incurred. Bellarmine will reimburse expenses only if the employee has received advance approval, incurs reasonable expenses, and submits satisfactory proof of the expense within 30 calendar days of the date the expense was incurred.

Additional Information

The current policy states the university will reimburse up to $1,400.00 for moving expenses. When requesting reimbursement, original documentation is required to be submitted on a University Expense Claim Form. The Form is available on the Purchasing web site in Microsoft Excel format.

If you choose to use a professional moving company vendor, the itemized invoice they provide you at the completion of the move reflecting the total charges and your payment is the required documentation needed for reimbursement.

If you choose to rent a van, the rental agreement and proof of payment are both required for reimbursement. Gasoline receipts can be submitted as well to reach the moving allotment authorized reimbursement up to $1,400.00.

For any questions regarding reimbursement, you may contact Barbara Hagan, the Director of Purchasing at 502.272.8056 or via e-mail.