Bellarmine Volunteer Days

Campus and Community Service Committee-Student Government Association (SGA)

The Campus and Community Service Committee is led by a student elected V.P. of Campus and Community Service from The Student Government Association. This student committee plans and coordinates service opportunities for the Bellarmine Community. Typically 3-4 service opportunities entitled Bellarmine Volunteer Days (BVD’s) occur each month. In the fall 2013 this committee planned CAN-TOBER and focused on hunger. Service occurred at Dare to Care (15 students), Trick-Can-Treat involved 50+ students who collected canned goods from the local community via door to door collection. 2500+ canned goods were collected.

Registered Student Organizations (RSO) Service Requirement

Instituted by SGA, each RSO is required to develop and participate in at least service project each semester. This requirement is in place due to the student’s commitment to serve as well as the value they place upon giving back and connecting with the greater community. Each RSO must complete an evaluation of the service completed. This evaluation measures student satisfaction as well as learning outcomes from the experience.