Council Representatives

The Staff Council is comprised of 10 department representatives and 11 representatives at-large. A current list of Staff Council Representatives is below. Each representative is asked to also serve on one of the Staff Council standing committees.

Staff Council Members

  • Debbie Femi – Chair
  • Tracey Cox – Vice-chair
  • Mary Hamilton – Secretary
  • Hannah Clayborne
  • Martha Strobel
  • Carla Carlton
  • Ryan Simpson
  • Martha Thomas
  • Traci Tignor
  • Mary Harper
  • Brad Bluestone 
  • Jennifer Likes
  • Jyll O’Shea
  • Lynn Bynum
  • Kim Sears
  • Patrick Englert
  • Angela Rone
  • Pat Allen

Coordinating Committee

The seven council members serving on the Coordinating Committee are:

  • Debbie Femi
  • Tracey Cox
  • Mary Hamilton
  • Chair of each committeee

The Coordinating Committee will assign issues to standing committees, arrange Staff Council agendas, and handle logistics and detail of the Staff Council governance organization.

Standing Committees

This is a drawing representing the Coordinating Committee. In addition to the Coordinating Committee, there are four staff council committees. Click here for more detailed committee information.

  • Nominating/Elections/Bylaws Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Social & Staff Development Committee
  • Employee Affairs & Benefits Committee