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Internship Employer Resources

Bellarmine University defines "internship" as a supervised experience and on-the-job learning to bridge classroom theory with professional practice. Internships allow students the option to earn academic credit with approval of the academic department, the flexibility to work full-time or part-time, and the potential to earn pay and/or valuable experience.

Bellarmine maintains current listings of internships, jobs and volunteer opportunities in its online career services management system, CollegeCentral. It is also a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers and the NACElink network, which provides additional listings of local, regional, national and international opportunities. Please contact Career Development if you need assistance posting available positions.

Steps to a Successful Internship

  1. Before posting an internship opportunity, please consult with your organization's human resources department to ensure that you are in compliance with the U.S. Department of Labor's guidelines for paid and unpaid internships. Please refer to Internship Programs Under FLSA for details.
  2. Set objectives that are challenging, yet attainable within a limited time frame. Early in the internship, schedule a meeting to make sure that the intern's expectations for the internship match yours.
  3. Provide the intern with a complete orientation to the work environment, including organization policies and procedures. Suggested discussion topics include: standards of performance, appropriate attire, communication procedures, decision-making channels, confidentiality and background information about the intern's assigned project. If the intern is new to the area, it is a good idea to send information in advance about housing, the local community, climate, etc.
  4. Increase complexity and responsibility of assignments as the intern is trained and adjusts to the work environment. Make every effort to keep the intern involved with meaningful and challenging work assignments that relate to his/her academic and career goals
  5. Explain how the intern's work relates to your organizational goals and how it makes a meaningful contribution. Make the intern feel like part of your team.
  6. Designate a staff supervisor for the intern and schedule regular supervisory meetings. Don't assume that interns will come to you with problems.

We are available to assist employers and interns encountering difficulties during an internship. At your request, we may also be able to facilitate conflict resolution with your intern. Please contact us if we can help in any way.

Glossary of Terms

  1. Host Organization - The business, government agency or non-profit organization in which the student is completing his or her internship experience.
  2. On-Site Supervisor - The member of the host organization who is responsible for supervising and evaluating the performance of the student in his or her internship responsibilities.
  3. Faculty Sponsor - The Bellarmine University faculty member who is responsible for overseeing and evaluating the academic work of the student in an internship.
  4. Internship Coordinator - The Bellarmine University Career Development representative who is responsible for identifying internship opportunities, assisting students applying for such positions, evaluating internship sites and visiting with students and employers, if necessary.

Internship Policies

  1. Eligibility - The student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and achieved sophomore class standing or higher.
  2. Limitations - Students may engage in only one internship experience of any kind during a given term. They can take up to two three-credit academic internships within their major, and up to two more three-credit academic internships in another department for a maximum total of 12 credits. Students cannot earn duplicate credit from two different departments or additional credit for the same internship position in two different terms.
  3. Hours Required - The internship must have a minimum of 90 contact hours within one term or during the summer to qualify for three academic credits. Two credits are awarded for 60-89 contact hours and one credit is awarded for 30-59 contact hours.
  4. Application and Approvals - The student's Internship Application and Registration Form must be approved by the Faculty Sponsor, Department Chair and Dean from the department/school that will be awarding academic credit, as well as the student's Faculty Advisor, which may or may not be in the same department. The completed application must approved, signed and filed with the Registrar no later than the end of the third week of classes of the term in which the internship will occur.
  5. Intern Evaluation Form - The On-Site Supervisor will submit to the Faculty Sponsor and/or Internship Coordinator a written evaluation of the student's internship performance.
  6. Evaluation and Credit - The Faculty Sponsor has final responsibility for evaluating the student's achievement of learning objectives through the internship experience and for determining the student's pass/fail grade. The internship experience must adhere to all appropriate policies governing courses and faculty.
  7. Internship Site Evaluation Form - At the conclusion of the internship, the student will submit to the Faculty Sponsor, On-Site Supervisor and/or Internship Coordinator a written evaluation of the internship experience. This evaluation is intended to improve student and employer internship experiences in the future and should not have any impact on the student's performance evaluation or final grade.
  8. Termination - If an internship is terminated by the host agency prior to its completion and due to circumstances beyond the student's control, a grade of "W" will be assigned. If the termination is confirmed to be the result of the student's failure to perform responsibly in the position, a grade of "F" will be recorded. If the student initiates withdrawal from the internship, the Faculty Sponsor will follow regulations governing course withdrawals.

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