Student Internship Testimonials

Following are excerpts from recent student evaluations of their internship experience. If you have completed an internship without submitting your feedback, please complete the Internship Site Evaluation Form and return it to Career Development at, 502.272.8050 fax or 225 Campus Center.

"Having the opportunity to take part in an internship with the United States Secret Service was something that changed my perception of what the Secret Service is about. With the opportunity to work with agents and handle counterfeit currency daily, I was able to see the Secret Service is more than just people in black suits with black glasses and ear pieces standing next to the president. Hopefully having the opportunity to work with the Secret Service as an intern, I will have the chance to pursue a career within the United States Secret Service."
–Matthew Demasters, Business Administration

"An internship is an eye-opening, must have experience. My internships at General Electric were my most valuable college experiences."
–Dawn Messer, Computer Information Systems

"My summer at the Courier-Journal provided great skills that will help me in any workplace. I learned so much as an intern for the HR Department."
–Bethany Welter, English

"As a summer intern for Congressman Ron Lewis, I experienced the daily task of a congressional office in an election year. I attended campaign and fundraising events with the Congressman and his family. It was fun and a great learning experience."
–Emily DePoyster, History

"My internship experience at Lear Corporation in Human Resources has been priceless. It has given me real world experience."
–Gwen McAuliffe, Psychology

"Experiencing an internship with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rural Utilities Service is more than just an exciting education, it is a wide-open door of opportunity."
–Travis Howell, Political Science

"My internship at WHAS Radio was a great start into the Louisville market. I learned and witnessed first hand the workings of a mid-market radio group and it lead to my employment after graduation at Ham Broadcasting."
–Nathan Butler, Communication

"My experience during research internships with the University of Louisville Ophthalmology Department and the Bellarmine Biology Department gave me the necessary experience and knowledge to help me with career goals."
–Kevin Cashman, Biology

"My internship at Churchill Downs was a great learning experience. My boss and other executives took the time to explain 'how' and 'why' to me. The internship was a valuable resource and real world experience."
–Mary Hibdon, Communication

"Working for Brown-Forman has helped me realize the importance of having international experience and knowledge to prepare for work in the business world."
–Tiffany Short, Liberal Studies

"Interning at Atria Senior Living has broadened my understanding of the business world in general and has given me a strong foundation and valuable experience for my future career."
–Priscilla James, Accounting/Psychology