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International Undergraduate Students Required Financial Information

Bellarmine University offers international financial assistance to qualified undergraduate students in the form of a partial academic scholarship. Scholarships are renewable while the student remains a student at Bellarmine College and the student continues to make satisfactory progress toward earning an undergraduate degree.

The following official documentation will be required for evidential purposes:

  1. A statement from an officer at a bank or other financial institution giving details of your account balance(s) or those of your guardian(s), or any other individual who will provide financial support for your educational expenses. The statement must give a present balance of the account(s) or affidavit of supporter’s ability to provide the assistance promised. If financial statements are submitted that are not issued in the student’s name, a signed letter from the sponsor is required. This letter must explain that the sponsor will support the student until completion of the Bellarmine degree.
  2. 2. An official statement from your government, agency/foundation and/or private sponsor outlining any financial support which will be offered and the terms and criteria under which you will receive the support.

Other documentation may be required.

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