Academic Honesty Expectations in the ARC

All students taking exams in the ARC must adhere to the Bellarmine Academic Honesty policy as stated in the course catalog. If a student is suspected of cheating on an exam, the proctor will report the incident to the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and will write an incident report which will be given to the faculty member for whose class the exam was required. The faculty member will take action, which may include a failing grade "F" on the exam or a failing grade "F" in the course. Additional actions which may be taken can be found in the catalog under “Academic Honesty.”

To maintain Bellarmine’s commitment to academic honesty, the ARC has implemented the following rules:

  1. Materials and personal belongings are not allowed in the testing room, including hats, sunglasses, purses, backpacks, books, papers, cell phones, etc. Any exceptions will be noted on the directions of the exam.
    1. No food or drink of any kind will be allowed inside the testing room (unless specified on the accommodation letter).
    2. Students may not use books, notes, calculators, or other aids when taking exams unless the instructor has given permission to the ARC staff that such items are allowed during the exam. Instructors supply this information in advance of the testing dates.
  2. No Breaks While Testing – The exam must be completed in one sitting. Students may not begin the exam, then leave and come back at a later time to finish (unless specified on the accommodation letter).
  3. Computer Usage – Computers are only used for taking online exams. Students may not visit outside sources during the exam.

Students who disregard these rules are subject to being charged with breaking the university’s academic honesty policy. All students will be monitored by a proctor and video surveillance. Proctors in the testing center will monitor during the exam. Monitoring includes watching from a seated position in the room, walking through the room, and viewing a computer screen showing a video feed from the cameras that are in use inside the testing room.