Bellarmine’s academic advising system is designed to help students plan effectively a coherent, integrated program of study related to their personal interests as well as academic and professional goals. Academic advisors cooperate with students to help them make informed choices about course scheduling, careers, and graduate school preparation.

All students have the responsibility to meet regularly with their faculty advisors to plan their course of study. Students should consult with their advisors as the chief resource person at the university. Also, the Office of Student Affairs maintains a Career Center which provides career counseling, testing, and consultation.


All traditional-age freshmen have a freshman advisor who is their instructor for Freshman Focus, a one-credit course that introduces students to various aspects of achievement in college. The advisor also provides direction concerning academic skills, social involvement, and personal issues as they relate to college. In the first year, the Dean of Academic Advising assigns those students who have declared a major to an advisor in the major field of study.


The second year provides opportunities to deepen relationships with faculty, staff, and peers, continue learning about major and minor areas of interest, and explore career and internship possibilities.

Transfers and Part-Time Students

Transfer and part-time students should consult the department chair in their major or contact the Dean of Academic Advising for assistance on obtaining their academic advisor.

For more information about academic advisement, contact the Associate Dean of Academic Advising, Andrew Schroeder (502.272.7450).