Honors Program Requirements

  1. Honors courses: Five honors courses (15 hours) selected from HONR 101, HONR 150, HONR 151L, HONR 151M, HONR 151N, HONR 151S, HONR 160, HONR 200, HONR 220, HONR 301, HONR 320, HONR 350, HONR 401, and any other honors course that is newly developed.  
  2. Senior thesis: Students receive seven credits [HONR 353, HONR 450 (or equivalent for science majors), HONR 451(or equivalent for science majors)] while completing a senior thesis.
  3. Foreign language proficiency: Students will demonstrate foreign language proficiency through the 202 level; or study abroad for one semester; or foreign language proficiency through 102 and 5-8 week study abroad in an approved program (e.g., KIIS, CSAA, etc.); or four semesters sign language; or four semesters of approved field work (see Honors director for more information); or an appropriate combination of the above.
  4. GPA: Honors students must maintain a 3.5 gpa. Students failing to maintain this standard are placed on honors probation and given one semester for improvement.