sophomore, Art and Psychology double major
Hudson Wisconsin

If you asked Annika in high school where she was going to college, Bellarmine would not have been on the list. Then, her sister invited her to visit and attend the annual Halloween dance on the Belle of Louisville, and she was hooked. She says Bellarmine has helped shape her view of the world and make her think about our impact on those around us in a more meaningful way.


Why Bellarmine?
My first Bellarmine tour was technically my older sister’s Bellarmine tour. And I never would’ve imagined that I was going to follow her here. My whole life I’ve been going to a mix of private and public schools, and it took me until my senior year to realize that the private, small classroom environment is where I really succeed. Being a big fish in a small pond is really important to me. And Bellarmine was just the place for me.

How did you afford Bellarmine?
When I first saw how much Bellarmine was going to cost I didn’t even think it was worth applying, but once I got accepted, I got scholarship money and it actually made it really affordable and I’m happy that I chose to come here!

What about the professors?
I always heard from my sister that the faculty really care about you and that the connections you’ll make here are so unique to anywhere else and I guess I didn’t really understand that until I experienced it firsthand.  I have professors and other faculty members who want me to succeed and will do their best to help me find my career. All the professors have been a tremendous help in helping me find my passions and what I want to do with my life.

“My biggest fear coming into Bellarmine was that I wasn’t going to come out knowing what I wanted to do. But I see now that’s not true at all.”—ANNIKA