Faculty Development Awards by the University

Bellarmine Faculty Development Fellowships

Bellarmine Faculty Development Fellowships provide support for full-time faculty scholarship of sufficient scope to span the equivalent of two months of full-time study or research.  The work may be within the recipients’ specialized fields of study, or it may be in some other field that will result in the recipients’ better understanding of their own field and/or improvement of their level of professional proficiency. The project may be one that can be completed during the stipend period, or it may be part of a longer trajectory.  A single stipend may be shared among up to three full-time Bellarmine faculty members.  The stipend will be paid in the summer of the fellowship in one lump sum minus individually-determined taxes.  

Recipients submit a written report to the Provost in the fall following the summer stipend period and make a presentation at the President’s Celebration of Faculty Achievement during the subsequent year. Currently, a minimum of six $3,000 stipends are awarded annually.  The 2017 Faculty Development Fellowship Application can be found on the Faculty Development internal website. 

Joseph and Maureen McGowan Prize for Faculty Development

The Joseph and Maureen McGowan Prize for Faculty Development allows one full-time faculty member per year to travel to and attend the Harris-Manchester College Summer Institute at Oxford University. The Institute offers scholars around the world an opportunity to pursue their research interests for one week using the College’s library resources. College librarians at the Institute work with the visiting faculty in advance of his or her visit to ensure that appropriate resources are available. Participants are able to conduct intensive research at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, as well as form valuable relationships with other visiting scholars. All visiting scholars are accommodated at the College, and all meals are included.

The recipient is expected to submit a brief written progress report in the fall following the Institute and present on his or her research during the subsequent academic year, typically in the fall semester at the McGowan Tea.  The 2017 Application for the Joseph and Maureen McGowan Prize for Faculty Development can be found on the Faculty Development internal website. 


Sabbaticals are awarded by the President to tenured faculty who have served a minimum of seven years at Bellarmine. In general, a sabbatical is intended as an opportunity to engage in research or to engage in activities that advance one’s knowledge within a discipline, enhance the academic endeavors of the University, or lead to a greater appreciation of aesthetic value. The sabbatical may be for a single semester or academic year. Primary considerations for awards are merit of the proposal and time elapsed since last sabbatical. The total number of sabbaticals awarded annually is determined by the President and is contingent upon sufficient financial resources.

Upon completion of the sabbatical period the faculty member reports to the Provost the final outcomes of the sabbatical and provides an assessment of the progress made relative to the goals stated in the sabbatical proposal. On average, five sabbaticals are granted annually. Additionally, the faculty presents at the President’s annual Celebration of Faculty Achievement in the year following the sabbatical.

More specific information regarding sabbaticals may be found in of the Faculty Handbook and a sabbatical application may be found on the Faculty Development internal website.