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36% of Freshmen Participate in Learning Communities

Bellarmine has four distinct learning communities: Galileo, Honors Program, Brown Leadership, and Eureka. Students in learning communities may live on designated halls, take courses together, and share outside-the-classroom social and volunteer experiences. Commuters may also be involved in learning communities. 

Galileo Learning Community

Nearly one hundred freshmen interested in nursing, exercise science, respiratory therapy, medical lab science, biology, pre-med, or environmental science participate in Galileo. In the fall semester, Galileo students enroll in specific courses with their GLC peers— Biology 108 or 130, English 101, and IDC 100 (Freshman Focus). In addition, students have opportunities to participate in social activities, meet professionals, and be involved in community service work. Seventy-five Galileo students live on designated floors in Petrik. Twenty-five students living off campus have access to the halls and will be fully integrated.

Honors Program

Sixty freshmen participate in the Honors Program. Students admitted into Honors come from all majors, have an ACT of 28 or higher, and rank in the top ten percent of their graduating class. Looking beyond such numbers, however, the program seeks individuals who demonstrate a love of learning, intellectual curiosity, and a desire to pursue advanced education. Typically resident Honors students live in Siena Quarto.

Brown Leadership Community

Nearly sixty freshmen interested in leadership and civic engagement will participate in BLC. BLC is a two-year program for first and second year students (residential and commuter) that develops and integrates leadership, civic engagement, and critical thinking skills of young men and women by addressing the benefits, responsibilities, and opportunities for leadership and service. BLC residents live on designated floors in Petrik.

Eureka Learning Community

Twenty freshmen interested in the Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) fields, particularly those majoring in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science and Computer Engineering at Bellarmine, will participate in Eureka. Eureka students live in Siena Quarto.

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