Meet Your Athletic Advisor: Andrew Schroeder

Andrew is a 2004 BU alum with a Master's Degree in Education. He rejoined the BU family in 2006, and since then has worked with coaches, trainers, professors, administrators, parents and, most importantly, student athletes, to ensure success for these students.

Andrew's role is to guide student athletes through course choices and major choices, while also providing them with the inside knowledge they need to manage their academic and social lives. He often makes contact with students particularly freshmen, throughout the course of the athletic season and the academic year, and spends much of his time meeting with them individually to provide customized support, answer questions, or provide a listening ear.

Because of Andrew's ongoing, specialized, and devoted support of student athletes, this group has the highest collective GPA of any other group of students on campus, and also orchestrates and performs service as part of his work with the Student Athlete Advisory Board.

If your student is an athlete, encourage him or her to contact Andrew at 502.272.7450, come in, have a chat, and stay in touch.