Educational Experiences Abroad: Opportunities for Bellarmine Students!

Studying abroad has long been viewed as a rewarding and empowering experience for college students—something which gave them an extra edge of maturity over others in their graduating class. However, today’s students are interested in more than just studying abroad! There are so many opportunities for students abroad that instead of just “study abroad,” the phrase “educational experience abroad” is used. Many students recognize that graduate schools and employers highly value educational experiences abroad, which can really set a student apart from other applicants, and they want to make the most of their time abroad. These experiences can run the gamut from traditional study to internships, clinicals, student teaching, and more! Even during traditional study abroad students are encouraged to engage in the host community in the form of service activities, sometimes having the opportunity to earn a certificate of participation. Educational experiences abroad now better fit the personal, academic and professional goals of today’s students.

Here at Bellarmine we encourage all of our students to participate in an educational experience abroad. We have over 150 partner universities and programs in over 50 countries. Some of these universities are the most prestigious in the world, such as the University of Helsinki in Finland, the Chinese University of Hong Kong in China, or the University of Paris in France.  

Bellarmine students can study abroad during the summer, winter, fall or spring semester, or academic year. Knowing a foreign language is NOT a requirement to study abroad, even in non-English speaking countries. There are many programs and destinations where courses are taught entirely in English.  

For summer and winter programs, students go abroad with faculty and students from American universities and take one to two courses for a period between two and five weeks. Students can start studying abroad on short-term programs the summer after their freshman year! The Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (CCSA)) and the Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS) offer two-week winter programs that depart on December 26th and return at the beginning of January. Destinations include London, and London/Dublin, Italy and Mexico. For semester and academic year options, students study at a BU partner university abroad and take courses with students from that university. Students can begin to study abroad for a semester or academic year starting the Spring semester of Sophomore year. Students can intern abroad in England (London), Spain (Valencia), Chile (Santiago), Australia, New Zealand, China, and Hong Kong or participate in a service-learning program in Chile, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, India, Jordan, Morocco, and Peru with ISA ( Have your son or daughter contact the International Programs Office this fall semester if they are interested in exploring these opportunities.

Study Abroad Scholarships are available, ranging from $500 - $10,000. Students work with the Study Abroad Advisor to apply. Learn more here.

  • CCSA Winter 2015-2016 ( October 2 (apply by September 18 & save $100)
  • CCSA Summer 2016: February 27 (apply by February 13 & save $100)
  • KIIS Winter 2015-2016 ( October 1 (apply by September 15 & save $100)
  • KIIS Summer 2016: February 15 (apply by January 20 & save $100)
  • 2016-2017 Academic Year & Semester programs: November 30, 2015   

The Annual Study Abroad Fair will be held September 15 from 9 AM to 1 PM in the Horrigan Hall Fireplace Room. During the Study Abroad Fair, students will have the opportunity to explore all of the study abroad options available to them. Program partners, past Bellarmine study abroad students and faculty teaching abroad will be there to showcase their program or experience. It is an event not to be missed!  

It is never too early to start planning for study abroad! Some courses are a better fit to take abroad than others, thus we encourage our students to meet with their Academic Advisor and the International Programs Office early on to plan accordingly. For more information regarding any of the study abroad opportunities, students should visit the International Programs website. The website includes a section for parents as well as information regarding scholarships. Students may also contact Bridget Klein (email), the Study Abroad Advisor, in the International Programs Office, Miles Hall Suite 149.