Crossings: Historical Journeys Near Louisville's Merton Square

In Crossings, Fr. Clyde Crews, professor emeritus and Bellarmine University historian, sets out to explore the often forgotten historical narratives of people and events in the 40 blocks that form a rectangle in the downtown section of Louisville around Merton Square.

Richly illustrated with archival photos and filled with compelling stories – some funny, some tragic, all intriguing – Crossings invites the reader to join in the historic adventure and search. To learn more, check out the interview with author Clyde Crews below. Or purchase the book for $39.95 from the Bellarmine University Bookstore. To purchase the book from Bellarmine's online bookstore, click here.

Crossings is filled with beautiful, full-size images of historic downtown Louisville. View just a few of the many photographs from the book below.

     Merton's Epiphany is discussed in the book  

By Clyde F. Crews, Foreword by Romano Mazzoli

Buy Crossings at the Bellarmine Bookstore and in Louisville at all Carmichael's, Barnes & Noble locations, and at Poor Richard's Books in Frankfort.