Course Catalog Greeting 2005-2007

Media coverage of international economic and political crisis, warring nations, and incomprehensive natural and environmental catastrophes often followed by tremendous outpouring of worldwide support, makes it ever more clear that in addition to our important personal, regional and national identities and affiliations, we live in an international world and thus truly are global citizens. Each of us in many ways therefore is connected to each other person in the world, and in many ways, each of us is interdependent as we and they courageously journey through our lives on this planet.

As President, I join the faculty, staff and students of Bellarmine University in a continuing, thoughtful and informed reflection on the world – the world as it has been, as it is, and as it needs to be. From these reflections and considerations, we work to develop for you an education that prepares you for the future – to create a very meaningful personal life, a good society, an enriching culture and an economy that makes sense and helps make the world a better place.

In the pages that follow, therefore, we present our current and best thinking about the wisdom, knowledge and information we believe is most important for you to know as you prepare to make your way as an educated person in an international, interconnected, interdependent world.

You will read about our most current curricula, programs and courses, which descriptions will provide you with a well-informed basis for intelligently and creatively selecting courses in the educational area of your choice.

This letter therefore not only welcomes you to Bellarmine University and this valuable resource, but also welcomes you to the most exciting and challenging educational experience of your lifetime, an experience that is among other things appropriately international in its scope and sensibility and through you, in its benefit as well.

By engaging your imagination and scholarly responsibility in the careful selection of curricula, programs and courses described in this document, you will, among other things, enhance your ability to discern the great common ground, interconnection and interdependence that we share with our sisters and brothers throughout the world.

It is my personal hope for you that as an essential and enduring consequence of your Bellarmine learning through the courses described herein, you will become an ever better and more loving person, an ever more fully human being, an ever more responsible, caring and effective citizen of the world.

Choose well and bon voyage!