Bellarmine University tracks and analyzes the outcomes of its graduates on a regular basis. Through a process of ongoing and iterative outcomes assessment, Bellarmine connects these outcomes back to the strategic design of both curricular and noncurricular academic program objectives, as well as the performance of the University's many student success initiatives, ancillary academic resources and student service offices.

First Destination Survey

Ensuring the continuous improvement of Bellarmine's academic programs and administrative units requires a collaborative, campus-wide effort between academic departments and the Office of Alumni and Development, the Career Development Center and the Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness. Through this collaborative effort, Bellarmine compiles data about each graduate's job placement, enrollment in graduate school or other outcomes such as military service or intentional volunteering.

The primary mode of data collection is an annual electronic questionnaire called the First Destination Survey, in which graduating students voluntarily share their plans post-Commencement. The survey runs for six months, at which point the Career Development Center and IR&E analyze the collected data and disseminate findings to the Bellarmine community via annual report. Analysis includes matching respondents' answers to various demographic characteristics and academic achievement measures, as well as correlating first destination outcomes to undergraduate students' participation in internship and externship programs.

The report below highlights several important findings from the most recent First Destination Survey, which encompasses all students who completed an undergraduate or graduate degree in either Summer 2019, Fall 2019 or Spring 2020.

Knights Get Hired Class of 2020 infographic  Click image to open full-sized PDF
First Destination Survey Report, Class of 2019-2020

In addition to reporting career outcomes and graduate school admission rates, Bellarmine also prepares two additional reports from the First Destination Survey data collection. These reports are below:

Additional Placement and Outcomes Data

Bellarmine also augments its knowledge rate about student outcomes beyond the First Destination survey through repeated measures. These include aggregate employment data from the Kentucky Center for Statistics (KYSTATS, formerly the Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics or KCEWS), the administration of regular three- and five-year alumni surveys for individual academic programs, tracking rates of participation in the career counseling opportunities and networking events offered to alumni, usage patterns of the alumni dashboard on One.Bellarmine and the iModules portal, and a variety of other sources.