Course Evaluations for Faculty


Following a successful pilot in spring 2013, Bellarmine University has fully transitioned from paper to electronic course evaluations starting in 2013-2014. With only a few exceptions, all undergraduate and graduate courses will be using the new evaluations powered by eXplorance Blue. The new system is managed by a team composed of staff from Academic Affairs, IT, and IR&E. Questions about the electronic evaluations should be directed to the Bellarmine Course Evaluations email account, or to members of the IR&E staff (link to IR&E staff page). We also encourage you to look through the faculty handbook for course evaluations or the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I misplaced the email invitation I received from the Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness to be able to enter my learning objective questions?
You may send an email to the Course Evaluation Team ( to request that the invite be re-sent or log in to the course evaluation system directly at  Your Bellarmine LDAP credentials that you typically provide to log in to a campus computer or your myBellarmine will provide access.

When will I receive the summary report of my course evaluations?
You can expect to receive your evaluation summaries within one to two weeks of the due date for final grade submissions to the Registrar’s Office. Even though the reports can be generated earlier, reports cannot be distributed prior to the release of final grades for the protection of students.

Is there a minimum enrollment a course must have to be evaluated?
Yes. A threshold of five enrollees must be crossed in order for a course to be evaluated in order to protect the identity of students in the course.

Can my course be excluded from course evaluations? We typically do not assess it in our department.
Certain courses are already excluded based on instructional method (see p. 2). If you wish to exclude a course that does not fall under the list on p. 2, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs or the Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness.

Will my course be evaluated even though I forgot to enter my learning objective questions?
Yes. The standard instrument will still be sent to your students; however, specific learning objective questions will not be included.

I am having difficulty entering my learning objective questions. Can someone provide assistance?
Yes. Any one of the members of the Course Evaluation Team (see p. 1) will be happy to provide assistance or training. Also, many faculty are now familiar with this process, and it is likely that one of your colleagues can help.

Are the evaluations confidential?
Yes. The course evaluation system tracks who has and has not responded, which allows reminders to be sent specifically to non-respondents, but the identities of students are never revealed to faculty or staff.

Can I change the actual dates of the evaluation period for my course(s)?
No, this is currently not an available option in eXplorance Blue. You are able to change the timing from scheduled to manual, however, which allows you to start and stop the evaluations (see p. 9-10).