Course Evaluations for Students


Following a successful pilot in spring 2013, Bellarmine University has fully transitioned from paper to electronic course evaluations starting in 2013-2014. With only a few exceptions, all undergraduate and graduate courses will be using the new evaluations powered by eXplorance Blue. The new system is managed by a team composed of staff from Academic Affairs, IT, and IR&E. Questions about the electronic evaluations should be directed to the Bellarmine Course Evaluations email account, or to members of the IR&E staff (link to IR&E staff page). We also encourage you to look through the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access my evaluations?
An invitation will be sent to your official email address that will allow you to access all evaluations that are open to you at that time. This email and any subsequent reminders will be sent

Can I access my evaluations in Moodle or myBellarmine?
No. However, this feature will be rolled out in Fall 2014.

When will I receive the email invitation for my course evaluations?
There is not a definite date on which you will receive the email invitation for your course evaluations, as the timing will depend upon the course and whether the instructor has changed the timing. Since evaluations must occur within the final 30% of class meetings, you will receive an email during the final 3 weeks of class, excluding final exam week. 

I clicked the link in the invitation email for my course evaluations, but do not see all of my courses. Why not?
If some of your courses this semester are missing from the menu, it may be that your instructor(s) for those courses has changed the timing of the evaluations. For example, some faculty will choose to have their students complete evaluations in class and therefore restrict access to only one class meeting. There are also some courses that do not follow the traditional academic calendar – either ending earlier or later than the traditional semester – and will be evaluated at a different time. Please check with your instructor if you have questions or concerns.

Can I have the invitation email for the course evaluations re-sent?
Yes. However, please search your inbox for “course.evals@bellarmine.ed” or “course evaluations” to make certain that you have not missed it. Also, please check your Junk/Spam folder for the email. If you still cannot locate the invitation, please send a request with your name (first and last). Allow up to 1 business day for a response.

I accidentally filled out an evaluation incorrectly. Is it possible to have the evaluation reopened for a course so that I can edit my responses?
Yes. Please send a request to with your name (first and last) and the course and section number of the course for which you need the evaluation re-opened. Please allow up to 1 business day for a response.

Can my instructor see how I completed the evaluation?
No. Faculty will only receive summary reports at the end of the semester (after final grades are submitted) and will have no way of identifying the responses of individual students.

When will my instructors receive the results of their course evaluations?
Faculty will receive the results of their course evaluations only after final grades have been submitted to the Registrar’s Office at the end of term. Your responses on the evaluations will have no impact on your final grades.

The evaluation period ended for one of my courses, but I did not have a chance to complete it. Is it possible to have the evaluation period extended?
In most circumstances the evaluation cannot be extended because evaluations are intentionally scheduled so as not to interfere with final exam week. If for some reason you do not feel you were given adequate time to complete an evaluation, please speak with the instructor for that course.